MASA KUZUKI is a freelance artist. He was born in a northern city of China and has been enjoying painting since his childhood. He drew his favorite cartoon characters and made cards for his family and friends. During recent years, he has participated in art competitions and designed logos for companies.

During his school life, he once got a chance to knew Tarot and became so curious about these fascinating cards filled with magic. At that time, MASA tried to make his own deck with existing materials. A few years ago, a friend unintentionally suggested him to start a real project on Tarot. Since that moment, MASA awoke, liberated from the mundane limitation and opened his spiritual horizon. His begun with one or two ideas of design to a dozen already. It is his grant wish to make these ideas possible in the next few years, which could be the treasures that we once have dreamt. In the meantime, MASA wishes to communicate with worldwide artists, designers, and friends with interests for more inspirations to create more artworks of high qualities.

Not long ago, MASA created his own brand, SIGNORRINO, not only will he publish his works but also it will become an agency of outstanding tarot decks, oracle cards and playing cards around the world.